It's Official, and we're in a glass case of emotion over it

Well, the hype has been real. The questions have circulated. And you’re likely still wondering what exactly is SquadCare up to… Well we all know a little mystery never heard anyone, so there are still a few tricks up our sleeve.

But the good news is, you’ve made it! You’ve landed on this much awaited site. A place for you to find inspiration, meet fellow SquadBabes, leave the surface level fluff behind, and finally create something truly worth of your time - your life.

Let’s leave the drama at the door. Let’s forget the current narrative of who we are “supposed” to be. Let’s create something new, a place both in person and online where we become the new narrative. A narrative that is intentional, authentic, supportive, unique and highly coveted.

We are a new generation of women. Women who want to be the bad ass at work, at home, have the killer career, be the best possible support system for those we care about, experience a satisfying sexual life, be kind to our minds, our bodies, our wallets, all while hustling around this crazy world to make a difference.

So how will we do this? We will do this here, together. Simply by working smarter not harder. By taking out the guess work. By plugging in the right solutions for each and every one of us.

It’s our time to create the life we want. Welcome to the world of SquadCare

Ellyse Bollinger